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Follow-up Summary from June 8th, 2015 class

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How to Give Feedback that Works – Forbes Article

Vocabulary of Feelings

Connecting “feelings” with “their sources”

Daniel Goleman Article on Leadership – What Makes a Leader? Harvard Business Review

Key Skills for Raining Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence: What Smart Managers Know

Leadership Resources

Additional Resources – Emotional Intelligence: 

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  • EQ Map – Essi Systems 
  • YouTube Video – Empathy vs. Sympathy – Brene Brown
  • Coaching Questions – Powerful Questions

Additional Resources – Professionalism and Leadership:

For more information on leadership, visit my blog at:

Assertive Communication:

 How to be more Assertive – Blog Posting by Andrea Ayres 

Assertiveness – Working with People – Not Against Them by Ruth Hill 


Dealing with Managing Competing Priorities & Organizing your Work:

Generation Articles

Real World Career Development Strategies That Work

Jan Dwyer Bang book

A practical book filled with a myriad of practical career tools and resources from 11 career professionals that include:

  • Finding your Passion (by Jan Dwyer)
  • Aligning your Career with your Life Purpose
  • The Downsizing Survival Guide
  • The Changing World of Work